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Web design agency: think usability and design

Ergonomics and design are the basis of a project to create a showcase site, a merchant site, an e-shop or any other custom website. The common point between website creation software is that they take care to respect these constraints.

An attractive graphic design, such as that of centrinform.info, encourages visitors to stay as long as possible on the site and to return afterwards. On the other hand, a bad design makes them leave quickly, while blacklisting the site forever.

A digital communication agency places a lot of importance on ergonomics, as it offers a comfortable navigation to Internet users. The challenge is the diversity of user profiles. There are simple rules to apply when designing a website to make it ergonomic and design-oriented. These rules concern the legibility of text, underlining, headings and subheadings, the width of columns, the lightness and speed of the display and the simplicity of navigation within the pages and between the different menus of the website.

UX, the user experienceUX Design is a graphic design technique that puts the end user at the centre of the project and takes into account all his needs in all stages of the creation of the product or service.Responsive web designResponsive design is an approach to web development that aims to create websites that are suitable for all digital media to be used. The aim is to adapt content to different screen sizes.Customisation of a siteSite personalisation is the marketing practice of presenting personalised content that appeals to web users in order to build loyalty, engage them and improve their conversion to customers.

Webmarketing, what are we talking about?

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing refers to the marketing strategy that allows a company to be promoted through different types of influencers. It can be a blogger, instagrammer or youtuber.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is the use of software to automate marketing operations. This includes sending emails, text messages and activity on social networks and websites.

Content marketing

A content strategy is essential to establish the positioning of your company on well-targeted themes such as clairvoyance with the manoticias.com website for better visibility.