Why I Need a Doctorate Degree in Education

Education Doctorate Degree

Have you always wanted to become an instructor of some kind, perhaps an elementary teacher or a college professor? Or, perhaps you are already an instructor, and you are looking to move up in the field or find an area to specialize in. Or, maybe you’re just looking for a raise in your salary. All of these reasons are reasons why you should be thinking, “why I need a doctorate degree in education.” Education is where the stakes of our society are laid, the education of the next generation of members of our society is incredibly important.

Therefore, the educators are also incredibly important, and there will always be a need for them in the workforce. The more eligible the instructor, the higher the education and degree, the greater the skill or experience, the more they are valued. Instructors with a doctorate degree in education are more likely to land the teaching position of their choice, and be offered more options than those without a doctorate degree.

Still wondering, “why I need a doctorate degree in education?”  Instructors with a doctorate degree are often offered a higher salary than those with a degree lesser than a doctorate. Also, their positions are often more stable and consistent than those of other education administrators. According to recent numbers of degrees earned in the US the last couple of years, education is one of the most popular degree choices for master’s degrees, another reason why you should be thinking “why I need a doctorate degree in education.” Even among the impressive master’s degrees, you will hold a priceless advantage.

Perhaps you would like to move up in the field of education, and work within the administrative or management branches. Earning a doctorate in education will open more doors for you into higher levels of education. At these levels, the levels of responsibility increase, but so do room for your input and influence, and salary. All are more reasons, “why I need a doctorate degree in education.”

With the rise of online schools, attaining your doctoral degree in education is more possible than ever before. Online schools such as Drexel University, the University of Phoenix, Devry University and Capella University offer accredited doctoral programs that allow you to work around your busy schedule, from your home, and at your own pace. As the world of education progresses, you’ll be better equipped and prepared to work in the field of education with a doctoral degree. Such are all reasons, “why I need a doctorate degree in education.”