The 4 important A’s of right to free and compulsory education

The Right education act provides the right for free and compulsory primary education for every individual. Right after the act has been passed the act also promises to make secondary education accessible to all. This act has been passed with the idea to remove all kinds of discrimination based on race, caste, economic capability and class and these things should not keep any child away from getting a basic education. According to the act, every child should and must get basic education and the education provided for these kids should of good quality and continues to improve according to the time.

Right to education works on our A’s and this is given by the United International Human Rights Instrument and these A’s are Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, and Adaptability:

1. Availability:

Availability is an important factor when it comes to right to education. It is the duty of government that free and compulsory education gets available to every child. For the implementation of free and compulsory education to all, the government needs to provide funds. The Government should look after that every state getting enough funds to provide infrastructure and adequate books and material to students so that every child enjoy and get the benefit from this act.

2. Accessibility:

It is the sole responsibility of government to make sure that every child in India should get free and compulsory education. there should be some strong laws need to maintain so that no one cane ever dare to ask for any money to provide education under this act and no child should face any discrimination of any kind. To make our country shine in the world, the free and compulsory education is an important aspect to consider.

3. Acceptability:

After the implementation of this act, people was expecting a big change, there is a growth, but not like everyone expected out of it. The standard of education and the teaching staff is lacking in many states. When it comes to free and compulsory education, it is important that every state should adopt the same methodology of teaching so that the standard of education remains same in every level. The staff appointed in such school should have professional degrees with having higher integrity and standards.

4. Adaptability:

Advancement in technology is ever changing and it is important the education system should have flexibility so that it can accumulate new technology and change with time and technology. Basic education is important and knowledge of new and upgraded technology has an important place in life.

The right to free and compulsory education is one of the best acts and if this act implements with complete honesty, then it can provide great strength to the overall development of our country. To make this act successful, it is important to adopt newer and proven approach this will increase the standard of education at every level. The right to free and compulsory education also preaches to accommodate students of various backgrounds and beliefs.

Education is the stepping stone and no child should be left behind. Free food in school is provided to kids so that they attend school and get some learning.